To build lean muscle, you have to ensure you are getting the right amount and the right kind of calories to ensure the proper nutrients available to build and repair muscle. You will also benefit from supplements that can boost your strength, muscle endurance and size. You also want to maximize nutrient delivery to the muscles and so you can get outrageous pumps in the gym! The number one requirement for building lean muscle is protein. A good whey protein or combination protein has a superior level of essential amino acids compared to normal foods. Higher intakes of protein boosts your metabolic rate and helps keep your diet on track by decreasing food cravings. It also ensures that you don’t lose muscle when you’re trying to burn fat.

There are tons of supplements out there but the one ingredient that has the best track record for quickly boosting strength and muscle size is creatine. There are now literally thousands of studies on the virtues of creatine, so this addition to your supplement “stack” is a no-brainer. To improve nutrient delivery to muscle, strength, muscle pumps , recovery and to give you an advantage when it comes to getting lean, go for a Nitric Oxide (NO) tablet. For more and more people, this is becoming an essential part of a good supplement regimen. Finally, for convenience and the best of all worlds, try an All-in-One product. These contain protein, usually moderate carbs and calories along with creatine and often amino acids and other ingredients that support lean muscle growth, all in one shake.


Protein Powders are vital to a muscle building diet, choose a fast digesting whey protein like AST VP2 or Reflex Instant Whey for mornings or after workouts, and a slow digesting protein blend like Pro Peptide or USN Pure Protein in the evening and before bed.


All In One supplements combine ingredients like protein, creatine and glutamine into one convenient supplement. If you’re short for time, All In One’s are a great way of getting a combination of key ingredients in one quick and easy shake.


Creatine Supplements increase muscular energy via the creatine phosphate – ATP pathway; creatine monohydrate was the original form of creatine but over the years more advanced creatines such as Muscletech Cell Tech and Creatine Ethyl Ester as found in BSN Cell Mass have become more favoured.


Nitric Oxide boosters, usually containing arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate, increase blood flow to muscle tissue causing an increase in muscle pumps. Great for a pre-workout buzz, Nitrix Oxide can help you get more out of your training sessions.